Monday, November 23, 2009


There is much to be thankful for although this time of year it seems I don't like to be thankful.

Since a Thanksgiving Day six years ago.....I tend to overlook what I am thankful for and like to wallow in what was lost.

I am embarrassed at how UN-Christianlike that sounds. At how ungrateful it sounds but for the last few Thanksgivings its just how I have felt. It is just like my body knows and remembers and I find myself in a hole somehow. One that I don't like being in. So this time...I am fighting it. Pushing forward...knowing in my heart of hearts the He had and does have my best interests at heart. And this week I will focus on my blessings which are many....

.....that the child we lost has a front row seat on the lap of their heavenly Father.

.....for the friends and family who help me through still difficult times knowing when I just need the silence.

.....for the joy that comes after the rain

......for a hubby who is ever so patient with me and loves me despite my many faults and inadequacies.

......for a job that on occasion really drives me crazy.

.....for quiet time spent soaking in His presence.

......for unexpected laughter that drives me to happy tears.

......for phone calls from mom & dad to make sure I know that I am loved.

May your blessings be many this Thanksgiving week~and may God show himself to you in mighty mighty ways this week.


Lyla Lindquist said...

Perhaps this week our little ones can find one another and hang out a bit. Read some stories, go for a walk, get a hug from the Father, that sort of thing. (They just need to watch for my grandma. She's new around there, and she takes a little getting used to!)

Thinking of you today.

Julie said...


I love the picture that you just painted for me...thanks so much.

I would consider it an honor to have your Grandma keeping them on their little

Thanks again for blessing me today.