Monday, April 19, 2010

Gratitude, Gratitude and more Gratitude

Well, its been a while again. Especially when it comes to my gratitude list. I get to wrapped up in doing and going and moving that I forget to stop and take in everything around me. Then when I do...I seem to forget to jot it down so that I can reflect on it at a later date. So, without further ado....

99. the sun peaking through the windows welcoming me to another day

100. Daddy's hands playing in the garden

101. answered prayers

102. a walk in the garden that reveals new growth

103. colors of purple that surround bud trees.....grape hyacinths

104. a flower bed free from weeds

105. time spent together making our house a home

106. realizing that you can do anything with 15 minutes (thanks FlyLady!)and not feel so overwhelmed!

107. Soccer games on Sunday afternoons

108. an unexpected price reduction when you check out at the register ($20 wreath for $2.50)

109. date night with the hubby

110. a song that lifts your heart and hands in praise

May you take some time to jot down some of the gifts in your life. Pointing out the small things really does make a difference.



Jennifer said...

The small things make life worth living. If I had to wait the time between the "big" things, how miserable I'd be. :-) Good to read you here!!