Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taking time to be grateful

111. a new flower bed completed
112. the feel of the wind on my face
113. the smell of the morning air
114. my mothers love
115. my fathers broken ankle (that could have been so much worse)
116. yearning for more of Him
117. a fresh load of laundry
118. an empty hamper
119. a smile shared
120. sweet sunsets
121. a blanket of rain that waters the soil
122. His truth that speaks louder than my fears or tears
123. the smell of lilacs and lavendar
124. snuggly dogs
125. lazy Sunday afternoons
126. chocolate/vanilla twist cones with sprinkles
127. an afternoon drive with no destination in mind
128. campfires on cool nights
129. bright red cardinals on purple wisteria
130. a hubby who loves me just as I am
131. rainbows after rain to remind us of a promise
132. long projects at work that are finally completed
133. birds that still sing their sweet song in the midst of the rain ( I could learn a lot from them!)