Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Walk Through The Garden

This last weekend my dear hubby and I might have almost killed ourselves. Eight scoops of mulch in 90 plus degree weather equals pretty close to dead Julie and Shannon. Oh but now...after the soreness has worked its way out and the weather has cooled just a bit...I see it was so worth it. I thought I would walk you through to see what is done so far.

What a beautiful surprise we had while mulching our butterfly garden:

A family of bluebirds has made its home:

If you turn around as you stand in front of the butterfly garden you will see:

Along with one of my new favorite plants...sea holly! Can you see the blue color starting to come up through the stems? In a week or two the whole thing will be a beautiful periwinkle blue! These are great for cutting and drying!

This would be my veggie garden! I am not sure what I like best...watching it grow or spending time with my daddy tending it! Sugar peas and green beans:

Yellow beets and radishes:

Tomatoes, green peppers and yellow squash:

This might not look like much but give it a few weeks...this is the start of my cutting garden...complete with sunflowers, broomcorn, cockscomb, and a bunch of other stuff!

As if I didn't have enough raised beds...I had hubby put in a double decker for more cut flowers!

The beds around the potting shed:

The last bed across the back of our property:

And finally a place to sit and enjoy:

So, this is why I have not been blogging this last week or so.....I had a date with some garden beds while "He walked with me...and talked with me"

Sorry I couldn't resist......
Next time I will make sure to get the dew on the roses. :)


Rachel Olsen said...

Beautiful! How nice it must be to sit under that arbor with Him. :)