Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy Lazy

Today I would like to be just like the guy at the top of this page. Crazy Lazy.....I love days like that. Especially if I am able to breathe in the sea air. I missed my time at the beach this year. Hubby and I didn't make it this year. But we did make it to the mountains. I love the camping trips too. I love being anywhere where I can reflect on the beautiful wonderous works of God. We went to Locust Lake last weekend and the leaves were absolutly breath-taking. I took some pics that I will have to post later but I am sure that the photos will not bring the sights we saw justice. He (God) never ever fails to amaze me when I am least expecting it. I got up early last Saturday and decided to take a walk with God and my ipod. While listening to some great praise and worship songs I came upon a most captivating sight. The bright colors of the mountains reflecting in the lake as a light mist rose from the water. I was wishing that I had my camera with me but didn't want to go back for it because I didn't want to miss anything. I just stood there in awe listening to words of the song.....

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound;
amazing love, now flowing down from hands and feet
that were nailed to the tree as grace flows down and covers me."

It covers me, it covers me, it covers me, and covers me.

I love the words to this song. So simple, so true. His grace is amazing. When I look at the guy at the top of the page I think I should be that comfortable, and that relaxed in my own skin because no matter what is going on around me.....His grace flows down and covers me.

So, since I can't physically be out laying on a rock, smelling the sea air while connecting to my heavenly Father...I will be in my mind.