Thursday, August 15, 2013

What does Radical Obedience Look Like?

Its been a long long time Bloggy World!  Life is going by fast-goodness its been almost a year since I last posted.  How is that even possible?

Today I am participating in a blog hop for Melissa Taylor's online bible study titled What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. 

What does Radical Obedience Look Like?

When I hear the term Radical Obedience- I immediately conjur up images in my mind of selling our house and everything we own and moving to a place far far away.  Or perhaps starting up some type of program for hard to reach youth or at-risk women.  Then I think - I'm not sure I am equipped for such tasks.  Truth is right now- I don't feel called to those things either.  And folks that just took a took a ton of courage to say.  For so long I thought that made me a bad person-that I didn't aspire to do those things at this point in my life.  One thing that has become clear to me this week is:

Sometimes radical obedience starts small.

Yesterday, in Nicki's video she said something that resonated so loudly with me.  "It is not about the task.  Radical obedience is in the mundane, common everyday places"  (that gets an #amen)

I am a time waster.

I am a procrastinator.  Make that a BIG procrastinator.  Although at times I prefer to say that "I work much better under pressure".  Truth be told I really only think of doing the laundry when I am down to my last pair of underwear.  Dinner?  I could go without it.  (Too bad my dear hubby can't). Vacuum?  ( If you see me do that- you know we are getting company. :)

Nicki's words got to me though.  What if I approached these mundane, common, everyday things and turned them into time to thank Jesus that I have laundry to wash (and a washing machine to wash it in)?  What if I put as much time into thinking about dinner and thanking God I have a wonderful husband to cook for?  What if I vacuum the house before the Hubster does (perish the thought-lol) and thank God for a house to vacuum?

These too are glimpses of being radically obedient.  Not taking a single thing for granted.  Time with Jesus in the daily chores of life.  What could be better than that?

**I assure you my house is not messy (I sure make it sound like it here.)

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Marlene Mosley said...

Thank you for sharing that and saying that out loud!!! I have struggled with feeling like a bad person because I don't feel I have a special call on my life. You have spoken to my heart and soul!

Julie Keefer said...

Thank you for stopping by Marlene and for your words of encouragement!

Patricia Ewing said...

Oh, you are SO right in that it starts off small. A few months ago, for me it was STOP complaining about having to do dishes or make dinner---mundane tasks that I should be THANKFUL that I CAN do and that I'm ABLE to do. Thank you so much for sharing your heart today with us!

In His love,