Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Details. Wow! When you stop and really look at things in your ordinary everyday life you realize that there are so many tiny little details that you just don't take notice to on a daily basis.

I was walking around the yard this evening and I noticed. I noticed how detail oriented God really is. Sure, I know he cares about the little things as much as He cares about the big things but He really went above and beyond in pointing things out to me that I may normally overlook in the hurriednss of my day.

Note to self: This is one of the those times He is reminding you to slow down. To stop and notice the details.

Well, I have decided to take you on a tour and join me in some details. Nothing profound just a reminder....

My purple butterfly bush always looks so beautiful when its blooming. The blooms look like they have been strategically placed in a spiral pattern up the stem. And just how did God get that orange dot perfectly placed in the center of each tiny flower?

My yellow butterfly bush which is right next to the purple one makes me smile when I look at it. It is just now starting to bloom. This one looks like yellow pom poms.

My obedient plant. (that is really the name of it). I bought it as a reminder to be obedient to His calling in my life. It looks so delicate but since I have planted it I have found out that this plant can be quite invasive in some growing zones. Just one more reminder to me that I have to tame my humaness and rely more on Him.

Our sitting area by the koi pond. My favorite place to just sit and listen to everything all around me. The sound of the water can put me to sleep!

My little kids-lol. These are our Koi and yes, I have them all named. They are all so different and have so many bright colors. They even have different personalities. They love to be hand fed and love to be petted. Once again, a reminder that we are all different shapes and colors and personalities but God made us all. We also all long to be loved.

So this evening I am thanking Him for the details of my life. He knows every one of them by heart. He reminds me that with Him anything is possible.

Gratitude gift #30


Danielle said...

Girl! Oh my! Your yard is...wow! I don't even have words to describe those pictures! Did your hubby do the work or did you have someone come in?

I love how God will take simple yet profoundly beautiful treasures to show us more of His nature.

Julie said...

Hubby and I did it-and we had sore muscles to prove it! LOL~ but it was all worth it! :)

Danielle said...

Girl! KUDOS! I can't imagine having something so beautiful in my backyard! I get excited when the grass is cut.LOL

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

Your yard is drop dead gorgeous! I would fall asleep sitting in there. :)
Your flowers are so very beautiful!