Monday, July 26, 2010

A Random Letter to My Lord

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for Me?-Jeremiah 32:27 (Amplified)

No Lord...there is nothing too hard for you. However, lately I am having trouble letting it all at your feet. It seems my head is filled with doubt and fear and worry and I cannot seem to make sense of anything. I know that I am not living a life worthy of the sacrifice you made for me to see things more clearly.

In less than two weeks, hubby and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage. We have come so far in our relationship and our walk with you. We have been blessed beyond measure and so now I worry when the other shoe my drop. Don't get me wrong God, we have had our share of hardships like Daddy's quadruple bypass, DH heart condition (since he was born), a miscarriage and watching many loved ones move on to their eternal home. You saw us through all these things and I wonder how we did get through it without falling to apart.

It seems I am entering another season of unknowns and I am having a hard time hearing you. I NEED to hear from you. Help me listen and obey your leading.
I am in the in between. I am not sure where I fit and I need you to show me how to proceed.

Help me to give in and let go.

Cause you are the God of all flesh and there is nothing too hard for you!

your daughter


Lyla Lindquist said...

Julie! I'm so happy to see you...

No, nothing too difficult for Him. But for us? Lots that's way too hard. I appreciate your gut-honesty here, Julie. all I could think as I read through this a couple of times is that THIS is the very kind of prayer He LOVES to hear. Help you to listen? He's all over that. Promise.

And 10 years? You go. That is no small thing right there.

Love to you my friend. Much.

Jennifer said...

My hubby and I make 10 years this December. It's amazing to see the mountains we've climbed together, the valleys we've slugged through. God sees it all. God sees your commitment to one another, how you're reflecting Christ's covenant by staying committed to your marriage vows. Good to see you writing--you've been silent lately, so I hope you've been well. Blessings to you on another ten years.

Elizabeth said...

I'm in an in-between place as well right now. And this time feels a little different than most. Usually, when it's time for change to come rolling in, I have a general idea of what to expect.

This time,'s as though a black curtain is hanging in the way. I'm walking ever closer to it, but it's not getting any more transparent.

A new season is coming, and I can almost feel it upon me. I keep asking questions, but He keeps telling me to trust.

"Trust Me."

Cindy Bultema said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with such authenticity. I pray the Lord would remove anything (and all things) that are getting in the way of you hearing Him clearly. I can't wait to hear what He is up to in your life!

And Happy Anniversary to you too, dear Julie! Enjoy your special day!

God's richest blessings to you!!
Cindy :)
*She Sparkles*

Andrea said...

Congratulations and GOD BLESS!