Monday, January 10, 2011

Unending Gifts

What better way to start a Monday morning...than to count the blessing accumulated over the weekend.

237. a day to rest the weary bones

238. a weekend to revive a craft room that needed care

239. a worship service that nourished the soul and left me wanting more of Him

240. learning that every little step taken is one that increases faith

241. first snow of the New Year (and actually the winter)

242. a new table made from the dear hubby so that I have room to create.

243. saying "I can" instead of "I can't"

244. game night with all the girls before they head back off to college

245. Mom and Dad who brought in the New Year with the flu...are now up and at 'em again.

246. fresh bird tracks in the snow

247. memorizing that scripture

248. homemade chicken noodle soup

249. answered prayer for friends who were in the hospital


Beth Stone said...

Gratitude is a wonderful practice.... thanks for sharing your list! (And yay for revived craft rooms and new craft tables!)

Jennifer said...

I had one of those worship services this past Sunday night. They're so uplifting, aren't they?