Sunday, January 16, 2011

Multitude Mondays

This is my year of being Fear-less. It's funny how he is walking me through some things right now. He is so patient....and I am so grateful. I am gathering words to my thoughts and my experiences but for now...I list my gratitude. He is so good, even when life may not be.

250. early morning snuggles
251. a hand held
252. fresh fallen snow
253. sunrise shades that burst
254. cleaned off cars (so I don't need to rush)
255. safe travels
256. pain managed
257. snow capped trees
258. projects completed
259. right here; right now
260. smiles
261. a great read...that will turn your world upside down.
262. silent moments
263. belly laughs
264. waggy tails
265. hubby grocery shops
266. memorizing verses (and they stick!)
267. soul tending
268. child thanks
269. dishes cleaned
270. shiny sink at days end
271. laundry caught up (no more pile!)
272. baby bunny tracks
273. slow drives to work
274. stopping-readjusting and refocusing
275. emails that inspire
276. stepping up and stepping out
277. choosing faith instead of fear
278. movie nights with the college girls that love to hang at our house.
279. making supper together
280. silly talks
281. girlfriend giggles
282. HOPE
283. prayers lifted up knowing He hears
284. signals to slow down and just breathe
285. community coming together
286. He counts my tears (and yours!)


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

I have been memorizing, too! I'm amazed this ol' brain can actually hold contents on a long-term basis.

Thank you for sharing your heart full of gratitude.