Thursday, April 23, 2009

Endless Gifts

I stopped over to a blog earlier today and came across the neatest challenge. A challenge to start seeing all the special blessings and gifts in your life. I loved it. So, I will be posting lists from time to time to help me get to where I recognize 1000 or more gifts in just the everyday.

As I was reading over some of my older posts I noticed that I have taken some time to see gifts in my everyday, ordinary world. So I will go through and list those first.

1. For my Lord and Savior and the sweet bursts of sunflowers that He send my way in late summer.

2. My wonderful, beautiful husband that loves me regardless of my many faults.

3. Songs that remind me how lost I would be without Him.

4. The love of my family and friends

5. My sense of humor.

6. My four-footed, furry children who love me unconditionally.

7. His Word that gives me new treasures each and every time I read it.

8. My beautiful parents who have provided the perfect example of love.

9. The brightest colored blue-bird that reminds me that my God loves and cares for even me.

10. The smell of spring and all its promises

11. Simplicity

12. Fall sunrises over misty waters

I can't wait to see how the list proceeds now that I will be consciously looking for the beauty in the ordinary. If your visiting and are working on your own list let me know- I would love to check them out!

looking at the everyday in a new light......



Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

"The smell of spring and its promises" -- YES!

Deeply inhaling with you!

All's grace,

Jennifer said...

I saw Ann's Endless Gifts as well, and am considering participating as well. What a great way to look at the world -- through eyes of gratitude! Blessings to you. ... Thank you for sharing your blessings with us, your readers!